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The world's smartest substitute teacher coordination website. Once your school district joins the benefits will be enormous!

Match the right substitute teacher for the right teaching assignment!

Want to improve your district's substitute coordination?

By using both teacher and substitute preferences, our website connects the right person to the right job. Our ability to properly match substitutes systematically increases the percentage of filled jobs.

We provide a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination. SubSmart Registry offers three different levels of membership that provide an increasing amount of support. Let us help your school district better coordinate your substitute teachers.

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Our Benefits

  • Allows schools to manually call substitutes as little or as much as they want.
  • Attract more qualified substitute teachers to your district!
  • Our better matching increases substitute procurement.
  • Each building has its own easy to read scheduling calendar!
  • Far fewer "duplicate calls" or other scheduling errors.
  • Significantly less staff time coordinating substitute teachers.
  • Request up to three favorite substitutes.
  • Choose up to two substitutes not to be in your classroom.
  • Increase communication with your substitute.
  • Post your schedule, classroom procedures & daily lesson plans.
  • Receive confirmation emails stating who is substituting for you!
  • Flexible scheduling that gives you the freedom to say no.
  • Confirm jobs that you only want to teach.
  • No more annoying automatic phone calls!
  • Receive confirmation emails for teaching assignments.
  • Monitor your work days better & schedule your days off.