About SubSmart

Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.

We are a privately owned company that specializes in helping school districts properly coordinate substitute teachers. We are not one of those automated phone systems that leave little or no room for improvising. Our system is internet-based but does not leave out the human touch. Your registry person or substitute coordinator will still control the system to a large degree and can make decisions based on their experience and problem-solving abilities.

SubSmart Registry is revolutionary because of  the method in which the website selects the proper substitute. Teachers choose their top three preferences and our system will attempt to get these substitutes first. If all the preferred substitutes are unavailable our website will choose a substitute from a subject area list. What is unique about our system is that each teacher has their own job offer pyramid that is developed by the teacher themselves and the substitutes.

In addition, our website allows for teachers to post their schedule, classroom procedures and daily lesson plans. Once a substitute confirms a job, they will be able to see the teacher's information. The classroom teacher is also sent the substitute's email address allowing for better communication.

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SubSmartRegistry.com, launched in July 2007, is a product of former public school teacher Roy Williams. With many years of substitute teaching and over five years of teaching science, he realized that substitute teachers w ...
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Using SubSmart

Three Membership Levels to Choose! Some districts use Registry-Pro to better manage their manual calling of their substitute teachers. At this level, teachers log-on to the website and request-off. This eliminates the ha ...
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