Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination., launched in July 2007, is a product of former public school teacher Roy Williams. With many years of substitute teaching and over five years of teaching science, he realized that substitute teachers were not being utilized by many school districts to their fullest potential. As a full time teacher, he noticed that many substitutes were not matched properly to a particular subject. He also noticed a lack of communication between teachers and substitutes.

After careful research, Roy Williams concluded that a better system of substitute coordination was possible. Yes, there were automated phone systems that were connecting substitutes to jobs, but there was really no system that was designed to get the right person for the right job. Also, these systems did not improve communication. Suddenly, a simple solution flashed in Roy's mind:

Why not use the interconnectiveness of the internet to coordinate substitute teachers?
By having teachers choose their favorite substitutes and substitutes choose their favorite subjects, a website could be used to automatically match the right substitute for a particular teaching assignment. A substitute coordinator could monitor the website and call only a few people to connect the few remaining jobs. The substitute coordinator would provide the human touch that automatic phone systems leave out. Communication would improve between teacher and substitute via e-mail and online reports. School districts would have a centralized way of keeping track of substitute teachers. Finally, substitutes would be able to view teacher's classroom procedures, schedule and lesson plans before they step into the classroom.

All of these factors would not only help teachers, substitutes, building secretaries, and administrators, but they would also help students by maintaining consistent and proper instruction when the teacher is absent.