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Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.

Three Membership Levels to Choose!

Some districts use Registry-Pro to better manage their manual calling of their substitute teachers. At this level, teachers log-on to the website and request-off. This eliminates the hassle of having a staff member(s) keep track of teachers absences. Substitutes still receive phone calls from your substitute coordinator. There is no online confirming of jobs by the substitutes. However, districts have the ability to better match a substitute to a particular teacher and subject. In addition, all the employee absences will be online and can be viewed by administrative staff. 

Districts using District-Pro significantly reduce staff time coordinating substitutes. Some schools may choose to delegate registry duties to their building secretaries or other staff members. At this level, the website will automatically contact the substitute teachers via e-mail. Once a teacher requests-off, job offers will become visible to selected substitutes on their account pages. Job offers are given in a timely manner, first to "Teacher Preferred Substitutes", Substitute's Favorite Subject, and then finally to all available substitutes. From their accounts, the substitutes can confirm or decline these job offers. The substitute coordinator will have a much smaller role (than Registry-Pro) and will basically just monitor the website. He or she may intervene if necessary, which typically means calling a few remaining jobs on a busy day or proactively solving a special staffing issue.
Districts that join the SubSmart Call Center will allow us to totally coordinate their substitute teachers. Our 24 hour, seven days a week call center will be an inexpensive and worry-free alternative.

SubSmart's goal is to help school districts manage their substitute teachers in a more efficient and effective way. Benefits may include: saving your district a substantial amount of money, tracking teachers and substitutes in your buildings better, and attracting more qualified substitute teachers to your district. We also believe that our system will assign substitutes more consistently to particular teachers and subjects. This will allow your substitute teachers to know the students better which will improve student behavior.

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