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Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.

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Teacher Logs-on

Teachers create their own account in just a few minutes. Required information includes name, e-mail address, school building, subject, and grade. You may also post your classroom procedures, schedule, and upload lesson plans. ...
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Both teachers and substitutes may log-in and request days off in advance. A convenient pull-down menu helps teachers select a reason for absence. Substitutes will now have more flexibility, and will be able to work at their convenience. In ...
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Website Determines Substitute

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Sends e-mail To Substitute

  Once a teacher requests a day off, a \"job-offer e-mail\" is sent immediately to the first person on the teacher\'s pyramid. The website will then e-mail job openings to the next person on the \"pyramid\" based on a calculate ...
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Substitute Confirms

When a substitute confirms a teaching assignment they will be allowed access to the teacher\'s schedule, classroom procedures, and lesson plans. ...
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Substitute Declines

When a substitute declines a teaching assignment, our website will e-mail the next substitute on the list. The declining substitute will still be available for other teaching assignments. ...
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Substitute Coordinator

Substitute Coordinator The substitute coordinator will still use traditional means of communication to coordinate substitutes. However, most of the work will be done automatically through the website by teachers requesting-off and the subs ...
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Unconfirmed List

The unconfirmed list will help the substitute coordinator call and quickly assign any unmatched teaching assignments. This list will be divided into three levels. The top level will be the teacher\'s favorite substitutes. The second level ...
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