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Subsmart Ugrade 2019

By: SubSmart Registry, Aug 15, 2019
Dear Administrators, Teachers, and Substitutes,

This summer we have been working on a major upgrade of the website.

I would like to thank people who filled out surveys a few months ago. Responses to the surveys definitely help us create the upgrade. Please keep in mind not all the items mentioned by people could be implemented but we are still keeping many of those ideas on the improvement list for future upgrades. Feedback that everyone gave was very important.

You will see the new website sometime in late September. The primary aspect of the upgrade is that the website will now be mobile friendly. Most of the improvements will be seen by the administrators. However, teachers will be able to give two reasons for absence on one day and substitutes will be able to switch out to a better job. We will give more details of the improvements and new features as we approach the switch over.
Roy Williams