Job Offer Sequence

Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.


The job offer and e-mail sequence has two windows:


Window #1:


When a teacher requests off within eleven hours of the start of the school day, job offers are immediately sent to all available substitutes. This ensures that a substitute has a better chance of being procured automatically for that teaching assignment. This is especially helpful if a teacher request off that morning.


Window #2:


Requests made greater than eleven hours the teaching assignments will be issued down the job offer pyramid based on a calculated time interval. This interval is calculated by dividing the number of hours to the job by the number of available substitutes.


For example, if there is 24 hours between the actual request and the time the job begins, and there are 24 available substitutes. The time interval is calculated like this:


24 hours/24 substitutes = 1hr /substitute



This means that the website will offer the job to the first preference substitute immediately and every hour later it will offer it to more substitutes as it goes down the job offer pyramid.


To ensure that different sized districts do not make this interval to small or too large, we have put a bottom and an upper limit to the number of substitutes to divide by. These limits are set at a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 75.


Basically, this time interval can be as little as 20 minutes to as much as 2-3 days based upon how far away the job is. Therefore, the further a job is in the future, the greater the advantage the preferred substitutes have to confirm that job.