Substitute Coordinator Instructions

Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.

Substitute Coordinator Instructions

Creating Your Account


Under the Join menu, scroll down and click on "Schools."
Enter in your Access Code and click submit.


Please complete at least all the required information as indicated with asterisks. The e-mail address and phone number should be the substitute coordinator's.  Check what grade(s) and subject(s) your school has. Entering the correct grade levels and subjects are very important in order for our website to match proper substitute teachers.


The section, "Work Days" is the days of the week that your school district is open. Next, define the length of the work day and work shifts at your school.  "Daily hours" is the report time and leave time for teachers. Make sure you use a colon when entering the times (7:45) and use the pull down menu to set am/pm. "Morning hours" is the reporting/leave time for a morning substitute. "Afternoon hours" is the report/leave time for an afternoon substitute. These times will inform "half-day" substitutes when to arrive and leave.



Next, create a new username and password.  Finally, click "submit" to create your account. Please keep in mind that all this information may be edited through your account page. However, please have at least one other person verify that the information you inputted into the website is accurate.  It is very important that all this information is correct.


After clicking "submit" you will be prompted to log-in with your new username and password. After logging in, you will see your account page.



  Creating a Building Schedule


From your account page, go to "Other Account Tools" and use the pull down menu to select "Building Schedule".  You will see a schedule template and below it will read:


Just below: "You have not created a schedule" click "Click Here". Use the pull down menus to enter the start and end times of each period in your building. You are given up to ten periods. The schedule you put in will appear on each teacher's account page.  Substitutes will then be able to view teachers' schedules based on these period times.


Editing Your Account


At any time, you may edit your account information by going to "my account" and clicking "edit."


Substitute Coordination

Below are descriptions of the working functions and tools to allow a substitute coordinator to properly work the website. Please keep in mind that there are two basic levels: Registry-Pro and District-Pro. Some District-Pro tools will be visible to the substitute coordinator of a Registry-Pro school district.


From a substitute coordinator's point-of-view, there are some over lapping features. Both levels will have substitute coordinators calling their substitutes and use the "Unconfirmed List" or "Calendar" to confirm substitute teaching assignments, however, for a school district using the District-Pro version, these phone calls should be much fewer in number because the substitutes will be confirming most jobs through the website.  

Assign Teacher Time-Off


To "manually" assign a substitute for a teacher, click on "Assign Teacher Time-Off". Use the pull-down menu to select the teacher asking off.  Select: "Date" and fill-in "All Day", "Morning Only", or "Afternoon Only". 


Then select a reason for absence by using another pull-down menu.


"Notes to substitute" may be used by substitute coordinator to send a message to the substitute. The substitute will see this only after confirming that particular job.


"Lesson Plans" may be used by the substitute coordinator to upload lesson plans to the substitute. However, both the "Notes to Substitute" and "Lesson Plans" will be used by the teacher  This will allow the substitute teacher to view an comments the teacher has and view the lesson plans for that day.



Finally, click "submit" to officially request-off.



After hitting "submit" your "Current Time Off Request" page appears. To manually assign a substitute, click "assign". Just click the substitute you want and hit "assign." This option is mainly for Registry-Pro districts because they will use this method to confirm substitute teachers as they are talking to them on the phone. However, this application will be also used for District-Pro members when there are any unconfirmed teaching jobs.



Unconfirmed List

"Unconfirmed List" is the list of any teaching jobs that have not yet been confirmed by a substitute.   


By clicking on the "Unconfirmed List" you will also see some other tools:


"Sort by Date" is a search engine that allows you to see teaching assignments (both confirmed & unconfirmed) for a range of time. You may use this to search one day or whatever time period you want.


"Today's Unconfirmed List" are today's teaching jobs that have not been confirmed or assigned to a substitute. These obviously are a top priority for the substitute coordinator to assign.


"Future Unconfirmed List" are teaching jobs that need to be assigned to a substitute.


"Past Requests" show a record of any confirmed or unconfirmed jobs. It also has a "report" from the substitute to the teacher of how the day went.


"Confirmed List" is a list of teaching jobs that have been confirmed by a substitute.


"Assign Teacher Time Off" is how a teacher asks for a day off via substitute coordinator.


Other Tools:


Calendar: Shows teachers who are absent and is color coded. Teacher's names that are in red means that they NOT have substitutes yet. These teachers will also be on the unconfirmed list. Teacher's names that are blue have substitutes and also appear on the confirm list. Any teacher's name that appears on the calendar in orange, means that the substitute cancelled the job. This job is no longer visible by any substitute and must be manually called or cancelled and resubmitted by either the teacher or substitute coordinator.


You will find the calendar to be very convenient to use since it shows both jobs that are confirmed and unconfirmed. It also so has a mouse over feature: When you place the curser on the teacher's name, the substitute that in for that teacher name will appear.





Teacher: List of teachers that are at your school. You may edit/delete teacher information. You may create/edit teachers' schedule. 


Substitutes: List of substitutes that are at your school. You may the change status of a substitute from active to inactive by clicking "inactivate."


Subjects: List of subjects at your school. You may edit/add additional subjects. These subjects are used by both teachers and substitutes. It allows the teacher to indicate the subject(s) they teach and for the substitutes to indicate their subjects they are willing to substitute for.



Active Lesson Plans: This page allows you to see lesson plans that all the teachers have uploaded for that day.