Substitute Instructions

Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.

Substitute Instructions

Updated August 2015


Creating Your Account


Under the Join menu, scroll down and click on "Substitutes."
Enter in your Access Code and click submit.


Use the pull-down menu to choose your state.

Choosing Your District

Click on your school district(s). To choose multiple districts, press control at the same time that you highlight the school districts.  Click submit.

You must actually highlight the School District(s) (even if there is only one choice) or your account will not be active.

Choosing Your Buildings

You must also highlight the building(s) even if there is only one choice. If do not highlight a school - you will not be on that building's list.



Choosing Your General  Subjects

Check what grade(s) and subject(s) you are willing to substitute teach. This will be used to help determine the teaching assignments you will be offered


In the next field, choose three preferred subjects (favorite) that you like to teach. These should be your favorite three subjects. Only check three.

Choosing Your Favorite Subjects

 Next, rank your preferred subjects.


Next, create a username and password. Then choose either HTML or Text e-mails. This will determine the format of e-mails we will send you. Finally, hit submit to create your account.


Please keep in mind that all this information may be edited through your account page. Also, all this information is confidential and will not be given or sold to a third party. Usernames cannot be identical to other users. When you click submit, you will be able to rank your favorite subjects. Then hit submit and your account page will appear.


Account Page Information


Once you have created your account you will be at your Account Page. Please check over all information to make sure it is correct. At the top under "School Districts" will be all the districts you substitute for. Beneath that are the buildings you want to substitute at. If you see no buildings or school buildings listed - then click edit and you will be able to add school districts and buildings to your account.


Editing Your Account


At any time, you may edit your account information by going to my account and clicking edit.


Using Your Account


Requesting Off


Requesting a day off is very easy. Just click on Request Time Off Now, click on either Single Days or Multiple Days.


Select: Date and fill-in All Day, Morning Only, or Afternoon Only. 


Finally, hit submit to officially request off.  You may request days off well in advance. For example, if you want to work only Monday Wednesday. You may go through the whole year and request off each Thursday and Friday. By requesting off on every Thursday and Friday, you will be in your school district(s) list of available substitutes for Monday through Wednesday.


Canceling a Day Off


You may also cancel days that you have requested off. Go to "Work Summary" to view your schedule. Next, check the box to the left marked "cancel" and then hit submit. Once you do this your "day-off" is cancel and you are back on the list for substituting for those day(s).


Canceling out of a Job


Substitutes can  cancel out of any job by going to "Accepted Teaching Assignments." Check the date you would like to cancel and then hit submit. Please only cancel if you really have to.


Cancelling a job to get a better job


You may also cancel a job in order to confirm a better job.  You may have noticed that sometimes you can see jobs offers in your account that conflict with a job that you accepted. For example, lets say you are working all day Wednesday. But a job comes into your account and its for Tuesday - Friday. You may cancel your Wednesday job and then you will be able confirm the Tuesday - Friday job.



Available Openings


You may click on the three tabs: Unconfirmed Requests, Accepted Teaching Assignments, or Work Summary.


Unconfirmed Requests: Are available teaching assignments. When you have jobs available, a table will appear: Date, Shift (all day, am, pm), reporting time and leave time, the school building, and teacher. Notice that you can click the Map link and you will be shown the location of the school via Google Maps. This tab is for District-Pro school districts only.


To accept or decline a job, just click the appropriate box and hit submit. This job will now be filed in your Accepted Teaching Assignments folder. This folder is basically your upcoming schedule and should be printed out for your reference.


The Work Summary tab shows all the days you work.


Finding Teacher Information


After confirming a job, just click on the teacher's name and you will be able to see their schedule, classroom procedures, emergency lesson plans, daily lesson plans, and more.



Submitting a Report to the Teacher

Under the Work Summary tab is a report icon. Click on the icon and you may submit a report informing the teacher how the day went.


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