Teacher Instructions

Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.

Teacher Instructions


Updated July 2014


Creating Your Account


Under the Join menu, scroll down and click on "Teachers."
Enter in your Access Code and click submit.


Next, use the scroll down menu to choose your school building.


Please complete all the required information as indicated with asterisks. Be sure your e-mail address and phone number is accurate. Check what grade(s) and subject(s) you teach. Elementary teachers would probably be considered classroom for most schools.


Next, type in your General Classroom Procedures. This is very important, please take your time and fill this out. You may come back to  add or edit this information but at least put your basic class procedures such as, bathroom privileges, study hall rules, and where to find things in the classroom (seating charts, passes, etc).


Next, create a new username and password. Then choose either HTML or Text e-mails. This will determine the format of e-mails we will send you. Finally, hit submit to create your account. Please keep in mind that all this information may be edited through your account page.


Choosing your Substitutes


Go back to the SubSmart Registry and use the Member Log-In. You should now be in your account. Click "Preferred Substitutes," and choose your three favorite substitutes.

Just click on substitute's name, if you want to find out what they prefer to teach.

After you choose your three substitutes you may rank them by setting the preference order. Use the pull down numbers underneath "Preference Order" and then click "Update." 

To change the order or delete a substitute from your preference list, you must check the box next to their name.


You may also add up to two substitutes to the "Do Not Request List." Just click  "Choosing Your Preferred Substitutes", and scroll down the substitute list  and click the red link label: Add To Do Not Request List.

These substitutes will taken of your pyramid and will not teach in your classroom.


Setting-up Your Schedule


From your account page, go to Other Account Tools and use the pull down menu to select schedule.  You will see a schedule template and below it will read:


Use pull down menu to select your class, lunch, or duty. Put room numbers and any notes or remarks that will help your substitute. 

Emergency Lesson Plans


These are plans that you should have in case you are unable to get to the school and have a lesson ready. They should be able to be implemented any time during the course of the year. Typically, a video with study guide is an ideal emergency lesson plan. To upload your emergency lesson plan, go to other account tools and click "Emergency Lesson Plans."



Editing Your Account


At any time, you may edit your account information by going to my account and clicking edit.


Requesting Off


Requesting a day off is very easy. Just click on "Request Time Off.Now, click on either "Single Days" or "Multiple Days."


Select: Date and fill-in All Day, Morning Only, Afternoon Only, or 1/4 Day. 


Then, upload your daily lesson plan to your substitute. Just click on one of the five Browse buttons to upload a file.  This may be a word document or some other file. The substitute will see your classroom procedures, schedule, note, and lesson plan on the website once they confirm the teaching assignment.


Finally, hit "submit" to officially request-off. 


Once your substitute confirms the job, you will receive a confirmation email, including the substitutes name and e-mail address.


 Quarter Day


The 1/4 Day feature allows teachers to request-off a few hours. When you choose this feature the field below becomes active. The default for this feature is "No Substitute Needed." If you need a substitute, just uncheck this box and select the hours that the substitute is to report and leave.



Time-Off Summary


These are the dates you requested off and did not work. By clicking "current request" you will be able to view your upcoming days off. You will see if the job has been filled and who your substitute will be. By clicking "Past Requests" you will see what substitute actually worked for you and be able to read a report from the substitute for that day.


Canceling a Request

To cancel a request, even after a substitute has confirmed, go to "Time Off Summary. " You will see a list of your current request(s). On the left side of that list is a cancellation box. Check the box for the appropriate request. Then, click "Cancel Selected Dates". This will cancel the job and send an email to both the substitute and substitute coordinator.

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