Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.

 District Pro

This level of membership may be used by all of your district's staff. Teachers, substitutes, building secretaries and your substitute coordinator will all have access. District-Pro allows both teachers and substitutes to log-on in advance to request days off. It will automatically match which substitute should go in for a particular teacher. This will significantly decrease phone calls your substitute coordinator will have to make. In place of phone calls, our website will send e-mails to your substitutes. When substitutes confirm via our website, your substitute coordinator will be able to track these teaching assignments. Another benefit is that substitutes will be able to gain access to the teachers schedule, lesson plans, classroom procedures and even find a particular school using a Google Map link. Annual fee is based on the total number of teachers. Please fill out the short school district form under the Join pull-down menu and you will receive a price quote.  

District Pro Chart