Training Videos

Providing a logical approach to substitute teacher coordination.

Section Videos

Substitutes: Setting-up Your Account

Step-by-Step instruction on how to set-up your account using your district's access code. Shows you how select the grade levels and subjects you would like to substitute for. In addition, learn how to rank your favorite subjects and edit your contact information.

Substitutes: Using Your Account

Demonstrates the different tools including how to confirm or decline jobs, how to request days off, and more.

Teachers: Setting-up Your Account

Learn how to intially set-up your account using your access code. See how to choose your grade and subject. Video demonstrates how to enter classroom procedures and your classroom schedule.

Teachers: Using Your Account

Shows how to properly use all tools. Learn how to requests a day off. See how to request multiple days, am only and pm only shifts, write notes to the substitute, and upload lesson plans.

Substitute Coordinator: Setting-up Your Account

Explains how to set-up a substitute coordinator account at each building. Shows where to put your access code to create your account. Other topics include: choosing subjects, creating new subjects, building time schedule, and overall layout of account page.

Substitute Coordinator: Using Your Account

Demonstrates the different tools such as: Unconfirmed List, Confirmed list, Assignment Page, Sorter Tool, Calendar, and more. Shows how to manually assign a substitute over the phone. Shows how to put substitute on the inactive list. How to add a teacher and substitute to the system.

District Level: Using Your Account

After viewing the Basic District District Account video (below), this video shows you most of the basic tools off the District Level Acount.

District Level: Setting-up Your Account

Shows basic layout of distict account page. Shows location of access code and how to create an account page for each building.

District Level: Using Your Account Part 2

Short video explains how to use the assign teacher off tool from the District Account Page. This allows one to coordinate substitutes in all of a district's schools.